Ken Starr: Mueller ‘Has Done a Grave Disservice to Our Country’


Former Independent Counsel Ken Starr said that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has done a “grave disservice to our country” by hiring a partisan staff.

“The entire process has been so unfortunate, to be honest — and I love Bob Mueller as a human being, as a patriot — but I think he has done a grave disservice to our country in the way he conducted this investigation. By the way, he said time and again, ‘I don’t question the politics of my staff,'” said Starr on Fox News. “I understand that. But you aren’t blind to what your staff members are all about as human beings?”

Starr said “you don’t have to ask to know” that types such as member of the special counsel team Andrew Weissman “are very, very partisan in their outlook on life.”

He questioned what steps Mueller took to assure the American people that he had a fair and balanced staff.

“I served alongside Bob Mueller during President Bush 41 and I will tell you this, he was … a person of integrity, ability, but an enormous amount of energy,” said Starr.

“Obviously he was going to be cautious today in what he said, but this was not Bob’s finest hour and so I agree with that sentiment that we should be grateful for all that he’s done to the country but it would seem today that he was not in command and control of what his office produced and it’s both a tragedy but it’s also been a disaster for the country.”

A special counsel can choose to share findings with Congress or leave that decision up to the attorney general. Mueller had said that he did not believe the report would be made public during his work, he had thought it would be a confidential report to the attorney general. Fox News’ Bret Baier asked Starr his thoughts on this.

“My thought is I have to disagree with Bob Mueller. When I read Volume 2, it was designed for Congress. He turned himself into an independent counsel, with the reporting obligation to the Congress of the United States,” said Starr.

Kenn Starr served as independent counsel to investigate members of the Clinton administration.

The difference between Starr and Mueller? An independent counsel is appointed by a federal judge, making an independent counsel not accountable to the Department of Justice. A special counsel is appointed by the attorney general, and must adhere to the policies of the DOJ. The AG can overrule the special counsel if he or she does not adhere to DOJ policies. An independent counsel has no accountability.

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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