Fox Anchors Push Trump Spox on ‘Ambush’ Meeting With Grieving Family: ‘They Described the Scene as Terrifying’


Fox News anchors pushed White House spokesman Hogan Gidley hard about the meeting in which President Donald Trump tried to get the parents of the late Harry Dunn to meet with the woman who drove the car that killed him in August.

Dunn was killed when Anne Sacoolas, the wife of a U.S. diplomat, drove the wrong way on a U.K. street. On Thursday morning’s edition of America’s Newsroom, co-anchor Sandra Smith questioned Gidley about an interview the young man’s family gave on CNN in which they described the Oval Office meeting with Trump and his aides.

“Hogan, were you in the room when the parents of Harry Dunn, this 19-year-old British man who was killed by the wife of a U.S. diplomat overseas, she was driving on the wrong side of the road, she fled. She was at the White House along with the victim’s parents, and then the parents said that the president’s team tried to arrange a meeting with the parents and the women who killed their son. Those parents appeared this morning on another network and described that moment as an ambush. Were you there, what happened, how do you explain that?” Smith asked.

“Well I’ve spoken with the president directly about this, and it’s just a horrific situation,” Gidley said. “He offered us condolences to the family, he understands the gravity of this moment and the gravity of the situation, he did this simply on the behest of Boris Johnson, in fact to meet with that family. He wasn’t trying to ambush anybody.”

“Did he apply pressure on that family to meet with that woman?” Smith asked.

“Absolutely not,” Gidley said, and claimed that Trump “was wonderful in that setting, explained to them exactly how heartfelt and how sad he was about the situation, that’s all that was was to offer his condolences and sharing their grieving.”

“They described it as an ambush” Hemmer interrupted. “Why would they?”

“They described the scene as terrifying, and they described the president’s aides as henchmen,” Smith added, to which Gidley replied that Trump didn’t feel any of those things about the meeting.

“Again, that’s their description, I didn’t get any of that when I talked to the president about the situation,” Gidley said, but appeared to acknowledge there was something upsetting about the meeting by claiming that “in fact [Trump] was the one calming everybody down and saying ‘Listen I’m just here to offer my condolences to you who have suffered such a horrific loss.'”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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