Fox’s Chris Wallace Defends Biden’s Stay-at-Home Campaign Strategy: ‘Why Fix What Ain’t Broke?’


Fox News anchor Chris Wallace on Friday defended former Vice President Joe Biden’s strategy of avoid the public spotlight, noting Biden is “leading by about a dozen points in the polls,” but said he may have to change it closer to the election.

“Why fix what ain’t broke?” Wallace said. “He’s going to have to come out at some point, he’s got the convention, after Labor Day, people are certainly going to expect him out more. And of course we expect that there are going to be three presidential debates, so this won’t go on forever. But so far, so good, from his point of view, and I think it’s driving the people in the Trump campaign a little batty.”

The segment came after Biden on Friday declined to take questions from national media during a trip to Pennsylvania, though he did plan to conduct an interview with a local outlet. He has been streaming speeches online from his home, prompting criticism from detractors who suggest he is avoiding public appearances. “He’s been in the basement for a long time,” President Donald Trump said in an interview in June. “I think he’s really been run beautifully. He’s not running his campaign. People are running his campaign.”

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said in a Fox News interview last month that he also believed the “basement” strategy could be effective. “If they can keep Biden in the basement long enough, he might become president,” Gingrich said. “Because as long as you don’t see him, and you don’t think about him and you don’t worry about his record, and you don’t look at what he’s promising, you know, he might get there just because people are tired. He is so passive right now, maybe that is what they want.”

Watch above via Fox.

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