Fox’s Maria Bartiromo Challenges Trump Lawyer Sidney Powell to Provide Evidence of Wild Commie Conspiracy, Here’s How That Went


Fox News anchor Maria Bartiromo challenged Trump attorney Sidney Powell to provide evidence of the wild and baseless conspiracy theory that President Donald Trump has been promoting, which involves Dominion voting machines and communist countries like Venezuela. It didn’t go well.

The Trump-promoted Dominion conspiracy theory was one of the major topics at Thursday’s bonkers Rudy Giuliani-led press circus-cum-black-goo-fest, and during Friday’s edition of Bartiromo’s Fox Business program Mornings with Maria, as well.

Bartiromo, who is not exactly a Powell skeptic, nevertheless challenged Powell to provide evidence of her claims, but instead got five minutes of wild assertions that included one chunk that sounded a lot like a subplot from season two of Netflix’s Narcos: Mexico.

Bartiromo: So Sidney what about this comment from the Dominion side saying we have no ties to Venezuela? What specifically are the ties to Venezuela? You and Rudy said that our votes in America go back to a foreign land, that they are looked at and processed potentially in Europe, Dominion is saying we have no ties to Venezuela, no ties to Cuba, can you explain that?

Powell: (Scoffing laugh) All I can tell you is that well, the company might have somehow severed or tried to sever the relationships recently, I don’t know how they are parsing their words, but I can tell you that the company was started with Venezuelan money in Venezuela for the express purpose of rigging elections for Hugo Chavez.

We have people that were there at his side while it was all done. They were in the control room and watched how the votes were flipped they can watch the votes in real time. We have evidence now of information from the systems going to three or four different foreign countries during the time of the election, those countries themselves could have watched the live votes come in and changed at the numbers. There’s significant evidence of foreign interference from the worst communist countries on the Earth with our election.

Bartiromo: Now Sidney, Rudy Giuliani was on last night, was on Hannity, and he said this had to come from someplace in the Biden campaign. As an instruction to all of them. Because he said that once you had a flaw in one Dominion machine, you saw a similar flaw in many different machines. So what was Rudy referring to that this had to come from someplace in the Biden campaign as an instruction to all of them, Sidney?

Powell: I don’t know what specific evidence he was referring to, we’ve had to divide and to conquer this monster that we’re facing and I am focusing more on the technology and the fraud, and he is working at the individual witnesses on that side of things. And we haven’t even had time…

Bartiromo: Okay Sidney, let me ask you this. A lot of people out there want to believe what’s happening and what you are presenting because they want to make sure that this was a fair election and they want to make sure that their vote counted. Do you believe that you will be able to prove this in court in the next two weeks? I recognize you have said, and Jenna Ellis has said we are not litigating this for the public media, we’re not on a TV show, we want the courts to see the evidence and it may go up to the Supreme Court. You’ve got about 2 weeks Sidney. Will you be able to present, are you planning to present, actual evidence of all that you’ve said, Dominion voting machines, swapping votes from Trump to Biden, as well as an effort to actually change the results of an election? You will be able to prove that in court in the next two weeks?

Powell: Yes, I fully expect we will be able to prove all of it in court within the next two weeks, although the fraud case itself doesn’t have to be done within the two weeks. but we have more than enough evidence now. We have more evidence now than we then have the present population is imprisoned on. Of this egregious fraud. I mean the evidence is really stunning Maria.

Bartiromo: Really. What’s the most stunning, most egregious? Give me one thing, what’s the most egregious and most stunning, Sidney, as we wrap up here?

Powell: Well one of the most impressive pieces of evidence is the affidavit of the young military officer who saw it all done and was there when it was created. He knows exactly how it works. He was briefed on it.

And many other people are talking everyday about how it worked, we’ve got Eric Kumar, as you said admitting on tape that he rigged the elections for Biden, and hated Trump. We’ve got their social media posts. We’ve got all kinds of evidence that is mathematically irrefutable by experts, including three professors at Princeton. And it all proves the same thing, the evidence of individual poll watchers who saw votes come in, saw the machines manipulated, the machines are never supposed to be hooked up to the internet, at least 30 of them were according to a published article that’s already out. That’s an egregious breach of election law in itself, that should never have happened, that causes automatically, that should automatically invalidate anything coming out of those machines in every state that happened in, if not across the country because they can change everything as they’re watching it.

Watch the clip above via Fox Business.

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