Fox’s Sandra Smith Addresses Viral Image: Doctored to Fit ‘Completely False Narrative’


Fox News host Sandra Smith addressed two incidents related to her on-air work, telling viewers a video circulated of her comments in one instance had been “spliced” and that another image had been doctored.

The first item Smith addressed was a video in which she was featured, widely circulated on social media this week, where she could be heard saying, “We’ve called it,” speaking in reference to the presidential race. The footage suggested she made the remark as Republican election attorney Cleta Mitchell told Trace Gallagher in an interview, “Just because CNN, or even Fox News, says that somebody’s president, it doesn’t make them president.”

Smith responded on Friday, “I’d like to take a moment to address two items that generated a lot of attention on the internet. First, the video of the comments I made off-air in the special election coverage on Saturday. That was spliced together with our on-air segment. For the record, I was not editorializing. I was pointing out to the producers that we, in addition to other outlets, had already called the presidential race.”

She said that another image that had circulated on social media had been fabricated. She did not provide further details, but a fake image of a Fox News chyron suggesting left-wing billionaire George Soros had become a majority owner of social-media platform Parler did make headlines this week after conservative personality Dan Bongino — who does hold a stake in the company — debunked the rumor.

“In a separate instance, a screen-grab of this program was taken, edited and distributed to fit a completely false narrative,” Smith said. “It was not real.”

Watch above via Fox News.

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