Friday Night Fury: Trump Tweetstorm Calls Out ‘LameStream Media’, Rails Against Dems Pursuing Impeachment

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In a furious midnight tweetstorm, President Donald Trump unleashed a barrage of 25 posts across two hours, amplifying flattering Fox News segments about himself, blasting House Democrats pursuing his impeachment, mocking Joe Biden’s dwindling lead in the Democratic primary, and blasting the “LameStream Media” for not covering a completely unattributed, baseless, and day-old claim about the whistleblower’s identity.

Trump began his Twitter tirade by retweeting a video clip of Sen. Marco Rubio’s bizarre defense of the president publicly calling for China to investigate Biden, claiming it wasn’t a “real request” and effectively telling the press that the president cannot be taken at his word.

 Trump then moved on to repeating a number of unsourced and unsubstantiated conspiracy claims about the anonymous  whistleblower made by Paul Sperry, the former Washington bureau chief for the far right conspiracy website WorldNetDaily.

Then it was time for a few laps of self-praise.

Sprinkled in the barrage were more slams against House Democrats like Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff.

And for good measure, Trump threw in some ridicule of Democratic frontrunner Biden, who now clings to a narrow polling lead in the 2020 primary race and who remains the target of the president’s intense lobbying for foreign governments’ investigation.

The frantic, Friday night counterpunching by Trump marked the fitting end to a devastating week for a White House under siege from a rolling salvo of explosive news reports about the Ukraine scandal.

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