Georgia Faces Likely Recount; Republican Voting Chief ‘Hoping’ it Will Last a Week, Results Before December


Georgia election official Gabriel Sterling said Friday he is “hoping” a potential recount in the state will take no more than a week.

“With most interpretations of the law right now, a recount cannot be requested until the election is certified,” Sterling told reporters at a morning press conference. “We have no way of knowing right now. We’ve never done a statewide recount with the brand-new system. We are hoping it would be a week, but we have no way of knowing that at this point.”

Sterling noted that a losing candidate could request a recount if the final election margin fell within half a percentage point. With 99 percent of ballots in the state accounted for on Friday morning, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden was leading President Donald Trump by about 2,000 votes, with each candidate receiving 49.4 percent of ballots.

Sterling acknowledged that both he and his boss — Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger — are Republicans, but said their “nonpartisan” team was dedicated to getting an accurate result. He also said he hoped they would have a result before next month.

“We should be able to know by the end of November,” Sterling said. “The one thing that is always going to be an unknowable unknown is lawsuits that can affect what we have to do. We are a country and nation of laws, so if a judge tells us to do something a certain way, we’ll have to do that and let the legal process work its way out.”

Watch above via Fox News.

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