Georgia Gov. Candidate Vernon Jones Calls Biden ‘Joe Crow’ and CNN ‘Control the Negroes Network’ on Eric Bolling’s Show


Georgia gubernatorial candidate and former state Rep. Vernon Jones (R) dropped some incendiary language in a Wednesday interview on Eric Bolling’s Newsmax show, taking aim at targets including CNN, MSNBC, President Joe Biden, and Democrats at large.

Jones, who served as a Democrat in the Georgia House of Representatives for 12 years between 1993 and 2021, became a Republican in when he endorsed President Donald Trump in 2020, and is presently running to unseat incumbent Gov. Brian Kemp (R) in 2022. He started the nearly five-minute interview with Bolling by talking about “White liberals” and MSNBC’s Joy Reid, telling the unflappable Newsmax host, “They’ll go and get Blacks as their agent provocateurs to attack Blacks, like Joy Reid.”

She became “demeaning when she started saying ‘Sister’ and all this,” Jones added. “As if, ‘You’re Black and I’m Black, you shouldn’t be doing this, you’re in the Black community,’ when in fact, Joy Reid is hurting the Black community because she has subscribed to White liberals to carry their water, and get paid for it, to go and attack keep other Blacks from being independent thinkers, which really goes back to the plantation mentality.”

Bolling asked Jones to expand on his comments with personal examples, and Jones promptly turned his attention to CNN, saying, “You have White liberals who are getting Whites — and they control the media, like CNN. We call it, ‘Control the Negroes Network.’ They only want to put Blacks on there that will carry a certain narrative to attack other Blacks to keep Blacks on the plantation.”

He closed the interview with a reference to Biden allowing Afghan refugees in the country despite rejecting many Haitian immigrants — and briefly confused Biden’s name with a reference to Jim Crow.

“Joe Biden opened the doors for some, including the Taliban … which probably have embedded insurgents, and they’re fine,” Jones said. “They’re welcome here. But when people come from Haiti, let’s put them on a plane and send them back? … I think they should go back, but look at what Joe Crow, Jim Biden, did. Or Joe Biden, Jim Crow, however you want to put it. Darker people were treated differently.”

“Isn’t it interesting that they want to deport the Haitians back on a plane and send them back?” he added. “Is it because they’re coming from a sh*thole? I don’t know, what do they think?”

Bolling replied with a chuckle, “I don’t know either, Vernon.”

Watch above via Newsmax.

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