‘Girl, Bye!’ Don Lemon Tells Off Former CNN Contributor Kayleigh McEnany for Attacks on Media as WH Press Secretary


CNN prime time host Don Lemon was down to his last nerve over Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany after her absurd performance at the latest White House press briefing on Tuesday, in which she still refused to acknowledge President-elect Joe Biden.

“How do I describe this, uh, carnival of lies that is the White House,” asked an exasperated Lemon. “The current president is hunkered down behind closed doors, nursing his wounded pride, his press secretary is acting like the election didn’t even happen. Acting like she is not about to be out of a job.”

Lemon then played several clips of McEnany deflecting direct questions about Biden by deferring to the “campaign” — at which she is also the chief spokesperson — and citing “ongoing litigation.”

Back on screen, it was clear Lemon’s last nerve was now seriously fraying.

“Do you know she also worked for — girl, bye!” Lemon said, abruptly dismissing McEnany after seemingly starting to note her former stint as CNN contributor during the 2016 campaign. At that time, McEnany was singing a very different tune on the network about her future boss, calling out Trump as a “racist” and slamming his “hateful” remarks.

“There is no other —  girl, bye!” Then stealing a line from the infamous “Total Bastard Airlines” SNL skit, Lemon added: “Buh-bye.”

“So much disinformation coming from the podium. Every day, it’s like, comes out, reads propaganda,” Lemon said, scowling. “Talks about what ‘the media‘ is doing, criticizes ‘the media,’ ‘this what you should be covering.’ I think we got this. You used to sit here on the set with us. I think we got it. When you sat here with us, you thought we had it. You were happy to be here. Now, we don’t know what we’re doing?”

“Girl. Bye.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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