Good News: 74 Year Old Surgeon Beats Coronavirus With Help From His Doctor Sons


A 74-year-old New York City surgeon, who was diagnosed with a “severe form” of the coronavirus and put on a ventilator twice, has survived with the help of his three sons, who are all doctors.

“I am grateful that I’m here and my deepest thanks to all the medical professionals – from attending doctors and nurses – [they] are deep in my heart,” Dr. Manuel Bulauitan told Fox News. “They tell me it’s a miracle I survived.”

His sons,  Dr. Philippe Bulauitan, Dr. Manuel Bulauitan Jr., and Major Dr. Constantine Bulauitan, all treat coronavirus patients, and stuck by their father as he was on a ventilator for 15 days.

“We grew up being inspired and admiring our dad for how he served his community and how hard he works,” Dr. Philippe Bulauitan said. “And for us, the ultimate sign of respect is that all three of us followed in his footsteps. For someone who has cared for us our entire lives, to have the opportunity to help care for him and help save his life, it was the best thing we could’ve done.”

Dr. Manuel Bulauitan Sr.’s wife, Ekaterini, and two of his sons, also tested positive for the coronavirus, and have all since recovered.

“Now the hardest part is to get back to my feet. I will do everything I can to stop this horrible coronavirus,” Bulauitan Sr. added. “I was always independent my whole life and I want to go back to that so I can enjoy my four grandchildren.”

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