Good News: Clothing Manufacturer Gets Flooded With Mask Orders After Fox News Segment, Hiring Additional Staff to Fulfill


A Virginia-based sports apparel company has gotten an overwhelming response to their coronavirus charity initiative thanks to some strong publicity, and is now hiring people to fulfill the surging demand.

Rhoback Activewear co-founder Kevin Hubbard appeared on Fox News April 11 to talk about how his company is making masks and donating the proceeds to charity. The response from viewers was instant. As of April 14, Rhoback sold 200,000 more masks and received offers from people who want to help distribute the supplies. The company is also hiring temporary workers to help fill the orders.

“We believe that even though we’re all small e-commerce businesses, that since we’re still open, we have an obligation to give back,” Hubbard said on the April 11 edition America’s News HQ

Hubbard also mentioned that Rhoback Activewear is participating in Carts4Hearts, an effort by e-commerce brands to help during the pandemic. After the segment aired, several more online retailers signed up for the Carts4Hearts initiative, raising thousands of dollars for food banks and organizations meant to aid laid-off workers across the country.

This is not the first time Fox’s recently-launched America Together series has made an impact. On March 28, anchor Eric Shawn hosted Danielle Butin, the founder and CEO of the Afya Foundation, which redistributes surplus medical supplies, and the company raised over $100,000 in donations following the interview. Liz Klinger and Chloe Alpert, the co-founders of Mask-Match, also saw a twelve-time increase of users requesting masks after an follow-up chat with Shawn on April 4.

Watch the segment on Rhoback Activewear above, via Fox News.

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