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Good News: Teenager Donates Coronavirus Sanitation Kits to Homeless People in California

With the deluge of headlines blaring the latest crisis sparked by the spread of the coronavirus, Mediaite has decided to dedicate at least one story per day to good news coming in from around the world.

Concerned about those who “have no protection” amid the coronavirus outbreak, California teenager Shaivi Shah assembled sanitation kits and distributed them to members of the homeless community to help them stay safe and clean during the pandemic.

“These people that are living on the streets, they have no protection, so even a small amount could help,” Shah told CNN.

The teenager started a GoFundMe page to raise money for the items, and later donated the kits to the Family Assistance Ministry, Salvation Army and Friendship Shelters.

“Because of its rapid growth, some of the people that are most vulnerable to this virus is the homeless community due to the lack of sanitation, money, and proper supplies,” Shah’s GoFundMe states.

“For this reason, I decided to use my experience in science fairs of creating low-cost and portable medical devices to create a positive impact in the lives of those affected.”

Shah has also uploaded a video on YouTube that shows her assembling each kit and that provides viewers with a link to the CDC’s page on the coronavirus.

Since creating the page, Shah has raised more than $14,400 and has successfully donated more than 150 sanitation kits throughout Los Angeles.

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