GOP Congressman Spars with Nadler Over Roger Stone Witness: ‘You Don’t Get to Decide How I Ask My Questions!’


Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA) sparred with House Judiciary Committee Chair Jerry Nadler (D-CA) on Wednesday over Johnson’s question for a witness about his decision to testify before the committee using Skype, despite being a mere half mile away.

“Where are you physically located today?” Johnson asked Aaron Zelinsky, an assistant U.S. attorney in Maryland and one-time deputy to former Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

“I’m at my attorney’s office,” Zelinsky responded. He said he would “guess” that it was about “half a mile” from the House building where the committee was meeting, and explained that he had health concerns due to a new-born child.

“Because you’re an attorney, you know — you know — that having a witness appear and submit to cross-examination in person is much more effective and reliable than one who simply phones it in, and we’ll leave it at that,” Johnson said. He also pointed out that former Attorney General Michael Mukasey had flown from New York to Washington to testify in person.

Johnson added, before Nadler cut him off, “In fact, he’s got to quarantine himself after this hearing, because he has a young grandchild who’s sick with other…”

Nadler interjected, “The gentleman is improper. The witness is complying with the rules of the House. We make no distinction between people who are present physically and people who are present video.”

Johnson responded, “Mr. Chairman, it’s my time, and you don’t get to decide how I ask my questions.” Nadler fired back, “Oh, yes I do!”

The committee was meeting to review allegations that the Justice Department inappropriately demanded that prosecutors reduce the sentence they were seeking against Trump consigliere Roger Stone. Zelensky and three other prosecutors resigned in February in protest over the issue.

The Justice Department said earlier in the day that Attorney General William Barr had also agreed to attend a hearing on the matter on July 28.

Watch above via the House Judiciary Committee.

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