Gov. Cuomo Reports 36 Coronavirus Deaths Wednesday, One of New York’s Lowest Daily Totals of the Pandemic


Gov. Andrew Cuomo reported 36 coronavirus deaths during his daily briefing on Thursday, one of the lowest daily death tolls in New York since the state became the epicenter of the pandemic.

“It is overall great news again,” Cuomo said. “And you see the number of lives lost continuing to go down.”

The governor began by praising New York state legislature for their efforts during New York’s efforts to reopen the state and commented on the successful, science-based methods used, noting that politics were kept out of it.

Cuomo recommended people focus on daily testing numbers and pointed out there would be a two-week lag if only hospitalization numbers were recorded, considering the patients were most likely infected before they were admitted.

“The daily testing, we do about 50,000 tests per day, 50,000 tests per day,” he revealed. “Think about that. No other state comes near 50,000 tests per day. We report those numbers the next day. So every day you have a snapshot of the day before.”

The governor broke down the daily testing numbers by region and requested that local officials look into all positive tests in order to find a trend between the patients.

“Overall, the hospitalizations are still heading down. Overall, the number of deaths is close to its lowest point,” he revealed. “Also on the number of deaths, when you get this low on a number of deaths, I don’t know what it is really telling us anymore. This can be a question of how doctors happen to certify a cause of death.”

Cuomo noted that those who died could have comorbidities and several underlying conditions including heart disease and diabetes. “But, it is overall great news again. And you see the number of lives lost continuing to go down,” he added.

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