Gov. Cuomo to George Floyd Protesters: ‘Assume That You Are Infected’ With Coronavirus


Matthew Cavanaugh, Getty

At a press conference Thursday afternoon, Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) said that people attending the protests over George Floyd‘s killing by Minneapolis police are putting themselves at risk for exposure to the coronavirus.

Cuomo noted that “there is no social distancing” at these protests throughout New York City and the state of New York, and large crowds of thousands of people had been gathering.

“If you were at one of those protests, I would, out of an abundance of caution, assume that you are infected,” said Cuomo. “One person, one person can infect hundreds if you were at a protest.”

“You went to a protest, get a test,” he added. “Tell people, act as if you may have been exposed.”

Cuomo also posted a tweet Thursday afternoon with a similar message, asking protesters to “be responsible,” to wear masks, get tested, and “[a]ct as if you may have been exposed.”

The governor had warned just a few days ago that the protests were “counterproductive” to battling the coronavirus pandemic, with large numbers of people failing to observe recommendations for social distancing and wearing masks.

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