Grassley Hits Hannity For Interview Question Trump Whiffed On: ‘You Assume Fox News Wants Him to Get Reelected’

One of the most notable exchanges from President Donald Trump’s Fox News town hall with Sean Hannity was the president’s odd response to one of the most straightforward questions for an incumbent: what are you second term plans?

The president started talking about the importance of experience before going on various digressions and ending with a swipe at John Bolton.

Senator Chuck Grassley (R- IA) was frustrated by that exchange, chiding both Trump and Hannity.

Over the weekend, Grassley tweeted, “Does FOXNews want Trump Re-elected?”

He made it clear he wasn’t happy that the president got off-message and that Hannity “help[ed] digress” from the important answer — which Grassley said should be “FOUR MORE YEARS OF DRAINING THE SWAMP &Justices.”

Grassley, per the Washington Post, elaborated on the issue to reporters Monday:

“I would blame Fox more than I blame the president, because the president, it’s easy for him to digress here and there, but Hannity — you assume Fox wants him to get reelected. Okay, so he says what’s your plans for the next four years? So the President starts to answer it. And then digresses a little bit. Hannity should have got him back on the subject. So it’s pretty simple. I just want the president to be re-elected.”

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