Hannity on Release of Texts With Manafort: My Views on Investigation ‘Were Made Clear Every Day’ Publicly


Fox News’ Sean Hannity corresponded for months with Paul Manafort months in texts unsealed in court documents Friday. The texts show them going back and forth blasting the Russia investigation and investigators, them talking about Hannity’s show (with Manafort giving him praise for the good work he’s doing), and just odd ones like Hannity texting Paul Manafort: “Are u up?”

Hannity addressed the news on Twitter Friday night, saying, “My view of the Special Counsel investigation and the treatment of Paul Manafort were made clear every day to anyone who listens to my radio show or watches my TV show.”

People familiar with Hannity’s commentary on the investigation may not be surprised by some of what he says in the exchanges.

There’s one exchange in particular in which Hannity basically just echoes in a text what he said the previous night on TV. One August 2017 text asked Manafort if he watched the show, explaining that he “trolled all” by saying “Paul Manafort made a mistake” because “He wasn’t HRC Holder Lynch And DWS.”

And indeed, on the air the night before, Hannity said, “Didn’t he make a mistake not following Hillary and Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Loretta Lynch’s and Eric Holder’s lead? He could’ve deleted everything. He could’ve bleach-bit everything. He could’ve hammered everything!”

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