House Republicans Brutally Mocked Online for Seeking Arrest Over Impeachment Hearing Stunt: ‘Martyrdom for Snowflakes’

Rep. Matt Gaetz Holds Press Conference Calling For Transparency In Impeachment Inquiry

Photo credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images.

House Republicans that stormed an impeachment inquiry on Wednesday drew a barrage of online derision and mockery after reports that they were actively seeking to be arrested by Capitol Police to add drama to their contrived, political stunt.

Led by right-wing provocateur Rep. Matt Gaetz, several dozen House Republicans broke House rules by occupying a House Intelligence hearing room to protest the Democrats’ impeachment process of President Donald Trump and some also violated federal law and by bringing cellphones into the secure, compartmentalized intelligence facility (SCIF). A subsequent Fox News report revealed that some of the GOP House members “asked to be arrested” to make an even bigger spectacle of their stunt.

The absurdity of House Republicans’ attempt to replicate civil rights’ protests by getting arrested for violating national security protocols and gaining access to a hearing that nearly two dozen GOP members of Congress were already attending was not lost on critics online.

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