Huh?! James Carville Defends Not Just the Political Strategy, But the Ethics of Dems Propping up Extremist Republicans: I Don’t See a ‘Moral Problem’


Even to many of its defenders, the practice of Democrats buying ads to promote extremist Republican candidates because they believe they will be easiest to defeat in a general election is morally questionable, at best. But one famed Democratic strategist has no ethical qualms whatsoever with this controversial strategy.

Speaking with Jim Acosta on CNN Saturday, longtime Democratic consultant James Carville gave his full-throated support to this gambit — which critics have denounced as sneaky and dishonest.

“I don’t see any ethical or moral problem with doing this,” Carville said. He added, “I think most of the opposition to this is from the pontifical class mostly located on the coast. I don’t see anything wrong with this. And you try to do everything you can to help your candidate or your party win an election. And that’s pretty simple.”

On top of all the questions of hypocrisy that present themselves to Democrats — who have spent the past six years denouncing former President Donald Trump as an existential threat to Democracy, and have now actively worked to put a number of his allies closer to elected office — the tactic could backfire politically as well. Recent polls have shown far-right Republican Doug Mastriano within the margin of error in the Pennsylvania governor’s race.

Carville acknowledged the possibility that the Democrats’ move could blow up in their face. But he believes it’s worth a shot nonetheless.

“Sometimes it backfires, sometimes it doesn’t work,” Carville said. “Well, okay. People do stupid things from time to time. But I wholeheartedly endorse this idea of being involved in their primaries to help them nominate the stupidest, goofiest, extreme person they can.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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