‘I Almost Died’: Body Cam Video Shows San Diego Deputy Overdosing Three Times After Coming Into Contact With Fentanyl


A patrol deputy with the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department was exposed to fentanyl during a shift and overdosed three times as a result. He survived after being administered repeated doses of the opioid overdose antidote naloxone, or Narcan.

In a video released by the Sheriff’s Department, Corporal Scott Crane explained that on July 3, during their first radio call of the day, his trainee, Deputy David Faiivae, found a white substance that tested positive for fentanyl.

“That’s stuff’s no joke, dude, that’s super dangerous,” Crane can be heard saying in the bodycam footage.

Moments later, Faiivae, who got too close to the incredibly potent drug, collapsed.

“I ran over to him. I grabbed him. He was OD’ing,” Crane said. “I went to my trunk, grabbed the Narcan.”

“I remember just not feeling right and I fall back,” Faiivae said. “I don’t remember anything after that.”

In the bodycam footage, Faiivae is heard saying “I’m sorry.”

“There’s nothing to be sorry about. I got you. I’m not going to let you die,” Crane says, before yelling out “I need Narcan.”

“Fire department got there, put him on the gurney, his eyes rolled back in his head, and he started to OD again,” Crane said. “He was OD’ing the whole way to the hospital.”

“I don’t think people realize the severity of just how deadly it really is,” Faiivae said in the video released by the department. “I’m Deputy David Faiivae and I almost died of a fentanyl overdose.”

Watch above, via San Diego County Sheriff’s Department.

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