‘I’M NOT GONNA TAKE THAT!’ DeSantis Throws Down With Questioner Accusing Him of ‘Allowing People to Hunt People Like Me’


Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis held a Covid presser on Thursday that turned into a heated battle when someone asking a question accused him of having “allowed” the racially motivated mass shooting in the city several weeks ago.

After delivering remarks on Covid policy, 2024 Republican presidential candidate DeSantis opened the floor to questions, and the second came from an unidentified person who began by saying he is a veteran. The two thanked each other for their military service before things quickly heated up.

The man said he is someone who disagrees with the governor’s policies and is hurt by them, and that DeSantis has “allowed” people who have “caused the deaths of people who were murdered a couple of weeks ago.”

DeSantis then said he did not “allow anything with that” and the war of words began.

DeSantis said “I’m not gonna let you accuse me of committing criminal activity, I’m not going to take that! I’m not gonna take that!”

They had more back and forth, interrupting each other, and when the man said, “please allow me to speak my truth, sir,” DeSantis said, “no no, there is the truth. Everyone doesn’t have their own truth.”

“You don’t get to come here and blame me for some madman, that is not appropriate and I’m not going to accept it.”

“You have allowed people to hunt people like me,” said the person asking the question, who the campaign is now characterizing as a “left-wing activist.”

“Oh that is nonsense! That is such nonsense!” exclaimed DeSantis, who then talked about crime statistics and policy before before moving on.

Watch the clip above via Gov. Ron DeSantis on Rumble.

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