In Thanksgiving Tweet, Trump Mocks Newsweek for Predicting Trump Would Spend His Thanksgiving Tweeting

Donald Trump Tweets

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President Donald Trump is not about to let a little thing like the Thanksgiving holiday get in the way of attacking the press over what he sees as inaccurate press coverage—even if he ends up proving it right in the process.

On Thanksgiving night, his son, Donald Jr., kicked up an online storm about a “fake news” Newsweek post that predicted the president would “probably” spend the holiday golfing and tweeting. In a Tweet, Trump Jr. juxtaposed a screenshot of that news story with photos of the president’s secret trip to visit US troops in Afghanistan. (Newsweek issued a correction at the bottom of the story after news broke of Trump’s overseas trip.)

But then Trump had to go and essentially fulfill the Newsweek story’s prediction, by mixing into his Twitter feed of pro forma Thanksgiving well wishes and support for the US military a quote-tweet of his son’s insult with an additional, very personal joke aimed at the news magazine’s financial struggles in recent years: “I thought Newsweek was out of business?”

Then again, unorthodox Thanksgiving messages are something of a tradition for Trump…

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