Iowan Refuses to Name Who He’ll Vote For in 2020, Before Offering: They Say ‘I Am a Racist’

MSNBC’s Vaughn Hillyard asked Iowa voter Bob Fisher who he put his corn kernel in for, which elicited an interesting response.

“Guess? I’m white, old, they call me all kinds of names. Who do you think I would vote for? Come on, you’re smarter than that,” said Fisher.

At the Iowa State Fair, a “Cast Your Kernel” poll is taken among voting fairgoers.

“I’ll let you fill in the blank,” said Hillyard. “I don’t have to fill in the blank. Everybody knows. We’re the bad people,” said Fisher.

Hillyard asked Fisher what people call him. “I’m a racist. I went to school, I shared my dorm with a colored guy. I grew up in the East. We grew up with people,” said Fisher.

Fisher added that he does not believe the president is a racist. “When you hear ‘send them back,’ when you hear him talk about communities of color, do you see why people do call him a racist?” Hillyard pressed him further. “Yes and no because some of those people he’s talking about have said just as bad things about him that you can’t say on TV,” Fisher replied.

Hillyard added that he’s been to many a state fair before, but the conversations being had at this years are not the same as he’s had in years passed. “This goes beyond the speeches on the soapbox of these candidates. This goes to the heart of these conversations with voters,” said Hillyard, adding that divides are central to this year’s political conversations.

“Why air this gentleman’s take? Because it’s emblematic–no longer does the conversation with voters go immediately to health care or tax policy or education (despite the importance of these issues to them),” Hillyard explained later in a tweet. “It goes, first, almost every time to race & the rhetoric out of the WH.”

Watch above via MSNBC.

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