‘It’s a Sideshow’: David Plouffe Lights Up ‘Carnival Barker’ Trump for Delay in Stimulus Paychecks Over His Signature


Former Obama campaign manager David Plouffe fired both barrels at the Trump administration for delaying the release of millions of coronavirus relief checks to hard-hit Americans so that President Donald Trump’s signature can be added to them.

Speaking with MSNBC’s Brian Williams on The 11th Hour, Plouffe was reacting to a  late-breaking Washington Post report that the mailed $1,200 paychecks from the $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus package will be held up for several days as the Treasury Department adds a second signature to them — that of Trump. The president, the Post noted, is not the legal signing authority and no president’s signature has ever appeared on IRS checks to citizens previously.

“David Plouffe, talk about the president’s effort to get his name on the checks going out to Americans who have been idled by a pandemic,” Williams asked, point blank.

“Well, it’s a scandal. It’s an outrage that there would be a delay of even an hour, much less days so he can put his name on the check,” Plouffe said.

“It’s dumb, secondly, because people would rather have jobs and their businesses open than getting this check in the first place,” the former Obama aide added. “It’s not like somebody in Wisconsin is going to say, ‘You know what, I was going to vote for Joe Biden, but now I’m going to vote for Donald Trump because his name’s on the check.'”

“But the more I think about it, Brian, in the last couple hours, this is all by design for Trump,” Plouffe concluded, likening it to yet another bit of misdirection from a president reeling from criticism for his administration’s failed response to the outbreak. “I think it’s less about his name on the check and thinking that’s going to accrue political benefit, but, you know, it’s a sideshow and he’d rather us talking about that than the fact there’s tens of thousands of people that are going to die in this country, an economy that’s gonna be lucky to be in a recession instead of a depression because he acted too slowly. So I think again, he’s a carnival barker extraordinaire and my suspicion is there’s some of that at play here.”

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