‘It’s Insane’: Conservative Journalist Who Once Worked for Tucker Carlson Calls Out Fox News Host’s Pro-Russia Rhetoric

CNN political commentator and Never Trumper Matt Lewis called out his former boss, Tucker Carlson, for continuing to push pro-Russia rhetoric on Fox News: “It’s insane…Putin is a thug and a murderer. And essentially a dictator.”

Speaking to CNN host Don Lemon on Tuesday night, Lewis who once worked under Carlson at the far right website The Daily Caller,  reprised some of the points for his Daily Beast column published on Tuesday, which was entitled “The GOP is the Russian Propaganda Party Now.”

“‘The GOP has become the Russia party,'” Lemon said, quoting from Lewis’ piece. “That is amazing statement coming from a conservative Republican. How did it come to this?”

“It’s stunning, right?. Put aside all the stuff about, you know ‘Is [President] Donald Trump a toady of Putin?’,” Lewis said. “It is a fact that the Republican Party is the party that is pushing Russian talking points and Putin propaganda, for whatever reason. Maybe useful idiots. Maybe it aligns with Trump’s defense, or maybe there’s something more nefarious.”

“It’s a stunning reversal,” Lewis added. “I know the Cold War is over. But Putin was a KGB agent. He said it’s tragedy that the Cold War ended! It’s a weird, weird thing for someone who grew up in a conservative movement and Republican Party that always was the tough party against Russia to be where it is.”

“Are you surprised to see someone in conservative media, like Tucker Carlson, saying maybe, maybe we should be siding with Russia instead of Ukraine?” Lemon asked, alluding to Carlson’s recent, very serious comments that he supports Russia in its proxy invasion of the former Soviet republic.

“Yeah. I worked for Tucker Carlson for six years. I like him a lot. He was a great boss,” Lewis said. “I think it’s insane — we obviously disagree on the issue. Putin is a thug and a murderer, and essentially a dictator. Look, there were a lot of things I didn’t like at the Soviet Union. One of them was communism. And imperialistic. They were an authoritarian regime, a lot of the things are still there with Putin.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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