James Carville Fears Terry McAuliffe Could Lose Virginia Governor’s Race: ‘I’m Scared to Death’


Democratic strategist James Carville said he’s “scared to death” his candidate, Terry McAuliffe, will lose in the Virginia governor’s race.

“It’s close,” Carville said in an MSNBC interview with Brian Williams Wednesday. “Cook has it [as] a toss up. If Cook has the race toss up — and Terry, by the way, has been blunt that we are in a very tight, race and Democrats need to be activated. … It’s close. There’s no doubt about it, and I’m scared to death. And other Democrats should be. And the solution to that, if you know people in Virginia, call them and ask them to vote. If you are in Virginia, call and ask other people to vote. But the only thing that I can tell you, it’s a close race.”

Polls have found McAuliffe, a former governor of Virginia, statistically tied in a race for governor with his Republican opponent, former Carlyle Group CEO Glenn Youngkin, ahead of the state’s Nov. 2 election. It would be the first time the state has elected a Republican as governor since 2009, and Carville has garnered headlines in recent weeks for sending emails frantically urging Democrats to help McAuliffe.

“I’ll be frank with you and frank with the viewers of this program, it is a tough race,” Carville said. “I’ve sent, tonight, 47 emails on behalf of Terry, so I will do anything I can to help him. He is a dear friend and was a great governor.”

Watch above via MSNBC.

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