Jimmy Kimmel’s Audience Bursts Into Applause As He Declares: ‘The ‘J’ in Donald J. Trump Now Stands For Jail’


Comedian Jimmy Kimmel celebrated the indictment of former President Donald Trump which he called a “day and night that many of us thought would never come.”

On the Thursday night edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live, the show opened with an edited video faking Trump sitting in a jail cell.

“I haven’t heard Joe say, ‘Thank you, President Trump for the great job you did.’ Perhaps I’m just not listening,” the fake Trump said sitting on the toilet of the jail cell.

Another inmate, sleeping beside him, rolled over to shout, “shut the f*ck up.”

Kimmel walked out onto the stage where an American flag was situated and hugged it alongside co-host Guillermo.

“Thank you for joining us,” Kimmel said. “A day and night that many of us thought would never come. We were skeptical.”

“Less than two hours ago, I’m up in my office, working on a monologue. I’m typing about opening day for baseball. I had a joke about how the people at Cracker Jack spent the whole winter in the dark, sharing a can of Bumblebee tuna. We had a thing about a new nasal spray that’ll give you an erection in five minutes, or your next one is free. And guess what? We had to throw it all in the garbage. It’s all moot because the ‘J’ in Donald J. Trump now stands for jail,” Kimmel said as the audience burst into applause.

Kimmel noted that this was the first time in history that a former president would be indicted.

“According to the New York Times and many, many sources, Donald Trump has been indicted for the first time in the history of this country. An American president has been indicted for his role in paying hush money to a porn star. Although, in fairness, that’s a pretty narrow window. Like when Grover Cleveland was president, porn stars were very hard to come by,” Kimmel said.

“All the things he’s done, the one that bit Trump in the ass was a round of post golf putter butter with the star of Sex Bots Program for Pleasure,” he added.

Watch above via Jimmy Kimmel Live.

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