Joe Biden Goes Off On Trump Over Coronavirus Spike: ‘He’s Like a Child Who Can’t Believe This Has Happened to Him’


Former Vice President Joe Biden tore into President Donald Trump over his handling of the recent spike in coronavirus infections, particularly his remarks about testing.

During a speech on the Affordable Care Act in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Biden laid into Trump over his recent remarks about telling his staff to slow down testing for the coronavirus — remarks that Trump has said he was not kidding about.

“At his campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, he admitted telling people, and I quote, ‘We have to slow the testing down. Slow it down please.’ He actually said it,” Biden said, repeating the quote several times for emphasis. “At first is spokespeople tried to say he was joking, but then Trump himself said he wasn’t joking. He called testing ‘a double-edged sword. Testing is a double-edged sword,’ that’s the quote.”

“Let’s be crystal clear about what he means by that. Testing unequivocally saves lives. And widespread testing is the key to opening our economy again. That’s one edge of the sword,” Biden said. “The other edge is that he thinks that finding out more Americans are sick will make him look bad. That’s what he’s worried about. He’s worried about looking bad.”

Biden raised his voice and said “Well, Donald Trump needs to stop caring about how he looks, and start caring about what’s happening to the rest of America.”

Trump has since claimed that his remark may have been “semi-tongue-in-cheek,” but reiterated the “double-edged sword” premise.

Vice President Biden referenced the recent spike in infections, and said “Trump can’t wish it away. He can’t bend it to meet his political wishes.”

He then spoke empathetically about the need to social distance, saying that “it seems so strange to us, not as Americans but as human beings. We’re built to talk, to laugh, to hug, to gather with other people. I know I am, and I know you are.”

Biden returned to Trump, saying the president wants us to believe there’s a choice between the economy and public health. Amazingly he still hasn’t grasped the most basic fact of this crisis. To fix the economy, we have to get control over the virus. Say it again, to fix the economy we have to get control over the virus.”

“He’s like a child who can’t believe this has happened to him,” Biden continued. “All his whining and self-pity, well this pandemic didn’t happen to him. It happened to all of us. And his job isn’t to whine about it, his job is to do something about it, to lead.”

He added that “If I have the honor of being president, I promise you I will lead. I will do everything I can to take responsibility and ease this burden on you and your families. I’ll put your family first.”

Watch the clip above via C-Span.

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