Joe Biden Says ‘I’d Go Back in a Heartbeat to Barack Obama’


Former Vice President and current Democratic presidential frontrunner Joe Biden ripped candidates who criticize his former boss, and said “I’d go back in a heartbeat to Barack Obama” as a starting point to build on.

On Friday night’s edition of CNN Tonight, anchor Don Lemon played some more of his sit-down with Biden in which the former VP assured Democrats that he’s their fighter, and stood up for the Obama administration.

“Democrats say they want to fighter right now,” Lemon said, and asked “Are you a fighter?”

Biden replied “I’m a fighter.”

“They said they haven’t seen that fighting spirit,” Lemon claimed.

“Well, that’s not what the Democrats in the polling say,” Biden said, and added “Some say they haven’t seen that because maybe I’ve been too polite in those debates.

Biden went on to add that he’s “looking forward to a real debate. I’m looking forward to actually get in the stage and be able to debate. What we now have, as I said, is one minute assertions and…”

“What do you mean by real debate?” Lemon asked.

“A real debate. Have two, three people and actually go into it. Have more than 30 seconds to answer an attack,” Biden said.

“And what amazes me now is if you look at the 99th debate or whatever comes up, is you notice that the Democrats — all of a sudden, most of the Democrats don’t think Barack did such a good job,” Biden said.

“Oh, I think he was a great president. I really do. And what I plan on doing is, I’d go back in a heartbeat to Barack Obama to begin to build on what we did, what he did,” Biden continued.

Biden said that “you have one candidate who is running that, our second term, said he should be primaried,” a reference to Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

“You have people on the stage saying hundred years of — I mean, this is — Barack Obama did an incredible job,” Biden concluded. He was likely referring to Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who said at this week’s debate “There’s more than 100 years of Washington experience on this stage, and where are we right now as a country?”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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