Journalists Dunk on Trump for Attacking Michelle Obama’s Lowball Coronavirus Death Toll: Not the ‘Own’ Trump Thinks it is


Journalists like CNN’s Jake Tapper and NBC’s Peter Alexander dunked on President Donald Trump for attacking Michelle Obama’s DNC speech, but inadvertently drawing attention to the horrific coronavirus death toll he has overseen.

On Tuesday morning, Trump was asked for his reaction to the former first lady’s blistering convention speech, and part of his response was to slam the choice of a taped address — by pointing out that “She had the wrong deaths” on the coronavirus pandemic.

Many journalists on Twitter were quick to point out that Trump’s example may not have been the wisest way to illustrate the fact that Mrs. Obama taped her speech little more than a week ago.

Alexander wrote about Trump’s comment, then added “More than 21K Americans have died since she recorded it earlier this month. Not sure how Trump’s attack reflects well on his handling of the pandemic.”

ABC News White House correspondent Karen Travers made a similar observation.

Tapper cracked “Pointing out that 20,000 more Americans have died from COVID on your watch than were stated in a previously recorded speech to own the libs”.

And in a similar vein, CBS News’ Kathryn Watson wrote “I don’t think the Michelle Obama ‘had the wrong death’ count because thousands more died in the last few days while I was in charge is the own the president thinks it is”.

CNN’s Ryan Struyk and Daniel Dale also pointed out Trump’s gaffe.

Politico’s chief Washington correspondent Ryan Lizza remarked “Donald Trump notes that more people have died of COVID since Michelle Obama recorded her convention speech and presents this fact as a criticism of … Michelle Obama.”

More journalists and other prominent media figures piled on as well.

Watch Trump’s remarks above via The White House.

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