Kamala Harris : Trump ‘Intentionally Is Trying to Create Fear’ With Mass Deportation Threats


On MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show, 2020 presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris slammed President Donald Trump’s Twitter “proclamations” and said that when he threatens mass deportations on social media he “intentionally is trying to create fear” among immigrant children and families.

Harris, who is enjoying a surge of support after her first 2020 Democratic debate performance, linked the president’s social media threats to a larger White House strategy to cultivate a nativist climate of fear through mass deportation raids, like those reportedly set to begin this weekend. Maddow also wondered if Trump’s bizarre press conference on Thursday, where he claimed victory on a census citizenship question that he in fact lost, was also part of this broader campaign to send an unmistakable signal to immigrants, regardless of legal or legislative roadblocks.

“Latino and immigrant communities have received the message that the census will be part of the way this administration wants to go after them and they should fear it and stay away from it and not respond,” Maddow said. “What do you think about that as a worry and what do you think about how to counteract it?

In her answer, Harris evoked Tweets like this one, where Trump threatened to deport “million of illegal aliens.”

“We have seen it over and over again. What we are seeing from [Election Day 2016] until today is constant displays of the fact that this administration and this president is in the business of intimidating and instilling fear in people. In particular those people he perceives to be vulnerable,” Harris said.

“The best tool in the tool belt of the predator against an undocumented immigrant is to convince that victim that if you report the crime against you — rape, child assault, fraud — you will be treated as the criminal,” she added. “When he makes these grand proclamations through Tweets, what he is doing, I believe, intentionally is trying to create fear in these individuals and these families. That is not the sign of a strong president.”

Watch the video above, via MSNBC.

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