Kellyanne Conway Admits Opposition to Mail-In Voting is to Hurt Biden in Hilariously Incoherent Rant


White House counselor Kellyanne Conway threw a huge pot of verbal spaghetti against the wall in trying to justify President Donald Trump’s opposition to mail-in voting, and slipped up at the end by admitting she thinks the process would benefit former Vice President Joe Biden.

On Wednesday morning, Conway gaggled with reporters on the driveway of the White House, and was asked by CNN’s Joe Johns “What can the president do to the states that are expanding voting by mail without running afoul of the Constitution?”

Conway launched into a lengthy, rambling answer that included the claim that “you got a lot of people saying ‘Well look at the data and the science, the data and the science, unless it’s 86 and sunny, then they’re all out on the boardwalk and the beach, And the governors just sort of say ‘Oh wow.’,” as well as what seemed to be an argument that mail-in voting would underone consumer confidence.

She went on to say that absentee voting with a reason is “different from institutionalizing mail-in balloting and pretending, pretending that somehow that is the only safe way that people can exercise their franchise,” an assertion that has not been made in favor of the policy.

Conway went on to add “Look, there’s a concern, RealClearPolitics posted an article that about 112% of LA County were registered to vote, were seen as registered to vote,” and said “that’s very concerning.”

Conway is actually referencing a years-old and fraudulent talking point that involves including the “inactive voter” files in the registration total — and has nothing to do with the casting of fraudulent ballots.

“But Kellyanne, there are five states in the country, including Utah, perhaps one of the red states in the country, that vote entirely vote by mail,” NBC News’ Peter Alexander said, and asked “So if it works there, why shouldn’t it work in other places?”

“Well, it works there for many reasons, I think Oregon was maybe the first state to do that many many years ago. Well, I think mailing balloting often favors incumbents because other people, maybe not at the presidential level…” Conway began.

“But it’s Republican or Democrat, it doesn’t favor one party, right?” Alexander interrupted.

“Well, that’s not necessarily true, it depends who’s in charge,” Conway said.

“Was it favoring Democrats in Utah?” Alexander asked.

“It depends who’s in charge,” Conway said, appearing to accuse state officials of rigging their own elections.

“So, but again, why are we presuming five months beforehand that people predominantly or exclusively are only going to want and be able to vote by mail?” Conway asked, again misstating the reason for mail-in voting. Then it got strange.

“People very proudly show up and go to the polls. They really are, I mean they wait in line for, at Georgetown Cupcake for an hour to get a cupcake. So I think they can probably wait in line to do something as consequential and critical and constitutionally significant as cast their ballot,” Conway said. Georgetown Cupcake does offer cupcakes by mail.

“And the other thing that concerns me is very simple,” Conway continued, and claimed that “The Democrats don’t like their candidate, they didn’t want Joe Biden to be their nominee, so they’re looking for any which way they can to, to find other methods by which to make him more appealing to the voters, I suppose.”

Perhaps realizing what she’d just said, that she’s explicitly concerned that voting by mail will benefit Joe Biden, she returned to the fraudulent talking point and the intersection of democracy and food delivery.

“So why would I trust, why would I trust folks who have 112% of a county listed as registered to vote?” Conway asked, and then speculated “Next it’s online voting, and pretty soon we’re just going to have to DoorDash and Uber Eats deliver everything we need, including our ballots, it’s just silly.”

Watch the clip above via C-Span.

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