Lou Dobbs and Guest Push Already-Debunked Conspiracy Theories About Massive Illegal Voting to ‘Steal Elections’


Lou Dobbs hosted Judicial Watch’s Tom Flitton on his show and together the pair pushed numerous, unfounded conspiracy theories about undocumented aliens illegally voting as part of a grand scheme by “the left” to “steal elections.”

“It’s tied to border crisis,” Flitton said. “We’ve got tens of millions of aliens both legally and unlawfully present, and the idea that they don’t register to vote and then vote is just ludicrous. So there’s a large number of aliens who are illegally voting. It’s pretty clear, numbers in Texas have borne that out, numbers in Pennsylvania have borne that out. And, you know, frankly, Lou, the left wants to be able to steal elections when necessary.”

Flitton’s organization has repeatedly made outrageous claims that it has found evidence documenting massive voter fraud by Democrats or Democratic-leaning groups, only to have its claims debunked time and again. Just last month, Texas’ acting Secretary of State, David Whitley, abruptly resigned after staking his political fortunes to an unfounded claim that rampant voter fraud had taken place in his state, based on emails obtained by Judicial Watch. President Donald Trump even echoed Whitley and Judicial Watch’s claims in a tweet back in January.

Acting on Judicial Watch’s supposed claims, Whitley attempted to purge nearly 100,000 people from his state’s eligible voter lists. But upon further examination, those claims quickly fell apart and Whitely later admitted that the email list had not been vetted and included untold numbers of US citizens, prompting a federal district judge to stop the purge.

These inconvenient facts did not matter to Dobbs, however, who instead hailed Judicial Watch’s latest campaign to get more than 1.5 million allegedly suspect names removed from California voter rolls a “historic achievement.” On Sunday, Trump had also championed the latest move and claimed that it proved rampant voter fraud had taken place. But Politifact rated this latest false claim of massive California voter fraud — as with all similar instances — as “Pants on Fire.”

“It’s remarkable the lengths to which the Democrats have gone,” Dobbs said, before layering on several more grand conspiracies: “Whether it is the theft of the 2018 election through Spygate and the [Mueller report] witch hunt, whether it is the entry across those open borders of illegal immigrants for whom they now seek and demand amnesty.”

Watch the video above, via Fox Business Network.

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