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Lou Dobbs Drops a Totally Normal Take on CNN Voters Who’d Back Trump if He Shot Someone: Panelists ‘A Lot Smarter’ Than Hosts

Fox Business host Lou Dobbs, who has something of a reputation for supporting President Donald Trump, took a brief detour on his Wednesday show to praise two “swing voters” on a CNN panel as “a lot smarter” than the channel’s host after they strongly implied that Trump would not lose their support even if he shot someone on Fifth Avenue.

Dobbs made his comments after playing a clip from this jaw-dropping New Day panel with CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota. During he questioning, one Pennsylvania woman said there was literally nothing the president could do to make her voter for someone else. When Camerota brought up Trump’s infamous boast — and subsequent, real-life legal argument — that he wouldn’t lose support even if shot someone in broad daylight on New York City’s Fifth Avenue, another woman chimed in to clarify: “You’d have to know why he shot him.” The first woman then agreed.

“You know, that’s one of the problems,” Dobbs said in apparent reference to CNN, while chuckling at the women shrugging off the idea of Trump shooting someone on Fifth Avenue. “Their panel participants are a lot smarter than sometimes the people asking the questions. By the way, we have the same trouble with me occasionally.”

Watch the video above, via Fox Business Network. 

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