Majority of House Lawmakers Now Support Impeachment Investigation of Trump


Speaker Nancy Pelosi

An official majority of House representatives have now come out in public support of impeaching or conducting an impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump.

According to Politico’s impeachment counter, 217 Democrats and one Independent (Rep. Justin Amash) now support some kind of formal impeachment proceeding against Trump, bringing the total to 218, the minimum number needed to pass a vote in the House. NBC News’ tracker has the count at 219 overall, with one additional Democrat favoring impeachment.

As of Wednesday, only 18 (or 17) House Democrats, many of whom represent swing districts, remain as holdouts who have not endorsed impeachment. No House Republicans support impeachment or an impeachment inquiry.

Reaching this major milestone demonstrates how quickly the political ground on impeachment has shifted in light of the new allegations against Trump and Ukraine. Just last week, the number of House members supporting impeachment — tied to the Mueller report revelations — stood close to 140, and notably absent from that list was Speaker Nancy Pelosi. But the bombshell news of an intelligence official’s whistleblower complaint against Trump and subsequent evidence about the president’s attempts to get Ukraine to investigate his potential 2020 rival, Joe Biden, have prompted a deluge of Democratic converts and the previously reluctant Pelosi to strongly come out in favor of a formal impeachment investigation earlier this week.

“But that doesn’t mean they will all vote to impeach the president,” NBC News’ story on the impeachment battle noted. “The different terms the lawmakers are using to discuss the issue make it unclear how they will vote if articles of impeachment were to go before the full House.”

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