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Medical Professor on CNN Warns Trump, Pence Should Avoid Joint Appearances: ‘Should Be Basically on Lockdown’

A CNN medical expert cited the UK prime minister’s coronavirus sickness as a cautionary tale for the United States and warned that President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence should not appear together during the outbreak to avoid risking exposure to the top two leaders in the federal government.

Appearing on CNN’s Outfront, Dr. Jonathan Reiner, a cardiologist at George Washington University, pointed to the grim news that UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was moved into ICU treatment on Monday after his condition worsened. Reiner pointed to recent ICU data from the UK that found the mortality rate for people admitted to intensive care unit management for COVID-19 was 50%. And for those coronavirus patients who are put on respirator, two out of three ended up dying.

“It’s a terrible cautionary tale because this is a virus that has become ubiquitous,” Reiner told CNN host Erin Burnett. “And when I watch our leadership do these daily press conferences, I worry for their safety. This shows anyone can be infected with the virus. And I just don’t tnk that our leadership here is taking this seously enough for their own safety. I worry about the safety of the president and vice president.”

“It is pretty incredible when you hear the President of the United States talking about Boris Johnson,” Burnett noted. “He seemed very somber and sort of chastened in a sense when he was talking about him as he himself is standing right next to the vice president and, of course, has been very public about how he’s not going to do anything like wear a mask because he’s getting regularly tested.”

“You know, in the days after the 9/11 attacks, the president and vice president were never together becaiuse the concern was that the enemy could deliver what would hardly be called a decapitating attack, right, and kill the, you know, leadership of this country,” Reiner pointed out. “So the president and vice president were never together. Well, this is an enemy that can do the same thing. So why would you have the president and vice president together frequently when one can infect the other? Right, the president should be basically on lock down.”

“And you can try and test as many people as you can. And I think testing people that are going to be in the presence of the president is great idea, but the testing isn’t 100%,” Reiner added. “You have to test everybody that meets with him every single day and I hope they’re doing that. But if the virus gets through that defense, the president is going to get sick. And the president is 73 years old — 74 in June. He’s at high risk of dying from this virus. So I think that for the sake our leadership, there really needs to be very, very limited, physical access to the president of the United States.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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