Megyn Kelly Reportedly Set to Launch Her Own News Production Company

Former Fox News and NBC News host Megyn Kelly will reportedly launch her own news production company, inspired by Bill O’Reilly’s independent venture.

According to Page Six, Kelly is “set to launch her own news production company and take on her old nemesis Bill O’Reilly.”

“TV insiders say Kelly’s difficult spell at NBC has made her ‘radioactive’ to the large news organizations, even before she went on TV to trash her former bosses,” Page Six reported, adding, “Instead, she is launching her own video podcast, just like O’Reilly, whose subscription service to show ‘No Spin News’ has proven to be vastly profitable… Kelly also hopes to produce documentaries and continue her mission to support victims of sexual harassment.”

“Kelly has also been looking at office space in Midtown to build up her ‘Kelly brand’ and get her teeth back into the news business ahead of the 2020 election,” Page Six continued, claiming that Kelly has been taking “a close interest” in O’Reilly’s “money-making media business.”

Kelly made a brief return to television for an interview on Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s Tucker Carlson Tonight, Wednesday, which brought in 4.06 million viewers.

Fox News dispelled rumors that Kelly would be returning to the network, however, with a spokesman branding the interview as a “one-time occurrence.”

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