Mitt Romney Hits Democrats For ‘Outrage’ on Impeachment Rules


Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) warned Senate Democrats that playing into faux outrage will not benefit their case for impeachment while also stating that he will vote against amendments Tuesday calling for witnesses ahead of the rules being finalized and voted on.

Romney dismissed both of the concerns over the changes to that of the time and duration of the impeachment trial and the evidence being introduced in the Senate, due to senators having access to all evidence from the House of Representatives.

Romney then swiped at Democrats for hyping up the “outrage” of the impeachment articles now being heard in the U.S. Senate.

“I think the Democrats make a mistake when they claim outrage time and time again. If everything is an outrage, then nothing is an outrage,” Romney stated.

“The big issue I think relates to witnesses, and the discussion of witnesses, the vote on witnesses that counts is going to be after opening arguments,”Romney continued.

“My guess today is that they’re going to have a lot of motions on witnesses, we’ve all told them were not going to deal with that now, were going to deal with that after opening arguments just like during the Clinton process” Romney concluded to CNN senior congressional correspondent Manu Raju.

Romney also floated his interest in hearing from former National Security advisor John Bolton.

Steven Nelson a reporter for The New York Post also tweeted that he asked the Senator from Utah “how he can be impartial after Trump called him a ‘pompous ass.'”

In which according to Nelson, Romney stated, “That may be as accurate as it is irrelevant.”

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