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MSNBC Says Chris Jansing ‘Felt Threatened’ By Bernie Supporter Who Questioned Her in Viral Gotcha Video

MSNBC anchor Chris Jansing was accosted by a Bernie Sanders supporter demanding she answer for the network’s coverage of a Nazi flag that was unfurled at a rally last week, and her network now says she “felt threatened” by the man and “protected herself.”

A Sanders supporter named Jack Allison posted video of an encounter with Jansing in which Allison badgered her to explain “why the network chose not to cover an antisemitic attack at Sanders rally even though I texted the info to producer Daniel Arnall.”

Jansing was unable or unwilling to explain how the “Text Messages From Jack Allison Desk” at MSNBC had failed so miserably, Allison then belligerently demanded Jansing detail the flow chart of news organizations.

Eventually, Jansing told him “I don’t like your attitude” and tried to move along, but Allison forced his way around a security guard, and the video ends with Jansing reaching for Allison’s approaching camera phone.

Allison then filed a police report on the incident, which took place at the Detroit Institute of Art.

In a statement obtained by Mediaite, an MSNBC spokesperson disputed Allison’s account, writing “Mr. Allison’s bullying behavior was premised on incorrect facts: contrary to what he said, MSNBC did in fact cover the anti-Semitic incident at the Sanders rally on our air in prime time and again over the weekend, on Twitter and on our digital platforms. So this confrontation should have never happened. Museum security intervened and Ms. Jansing who felt threatened protected herself for good reason.”

As the MSNBC spokesperson noted, the incident was covered on MSNBC programs like All In with Chris Hayes and AM Joy, and on the network’s online platforms shortly after the incident. Mr. Allison’s text message was not included in the coverage.

Watch the clips above via MSNBC.

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