Nancy Pelosi Lavishes Gratitude on ‘Helpful’ MSNBC Anchor Ruhle: ‘Thank Your For Your Objective View’


MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi couldn’t contain their admiration for each other during a Monday interview on congressional stimulus funding, with Pelosi thanking Ruhle for her “objective view of it all.”

The two were talking about loans allocated to small businesses as part of the Paycheck Protection Program. An additional $320 billion in funding was made available on Monday, after an initial $350 billion was exhausted on April 16. Pelosi pointed out that $60 billion was being made available for small lenders, but said Republicans hadn’t embraced the initiative.

“It was hard to understand why our Republican colleagues were not embracing our initiative of $60 billion that would go to community development financial institutions so those institutions, the neighborhood, know the community, know the customers, know the businesses, know the culture would be able to make loans, smaller loans, into the community,” Pelosi said. “ And take — alleviate some of that from the banks. I thought it was really something that they would welcome because, therefore, those who know that that community better would be meeting their needs.”

“Without a doubt,” Ruhle responded.

Pelosi added that some businesses were not qualifying for loans, and said she would like to reach a 90-percent threshold for participation in the program. She also said Democrats would seek to implement a vote-by-mail program in the next stimulus package.

“In this next bill, we will be supporting vote-by-mail in a very important way. We think it’s a health issue at this point. And I didn’t want to leave this conversation without mentioning the importance of the life, the livelihood,” Pelosi said. “The life of our people, the livelihood of themselves and our economy and the life of our democracy.”

President Donald Trump criticized vote-by-mail proposals at a press conference this month, saying, “Mail ballots are very dangerous for this country because of cheaters. They go collect them. They are fraudulent in many cases. They have to vote. They should have voter ID, by the way.”

Ruhle didn’t press Pelosi on the issue but thanked her for the $320 billion in federal funding. “Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you for this additional $320 billion. American business needs it. I appreciate all that everyone in our government is doing right now to help us in this trying time. Thanks for your time this morning.”

Pelosi responded by thanking Ruhle for her “objective view,” calling it “very helpful.”

“Thank you for your objective view of it all, because that’s all very helpful,” Pelosi said. “It’s all very helpful. Thank you for your attention to this important issue. Thank you.”

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