Newsmax Host Apologizes After Guest Loses It on Trump Not ‘Making The F*cking Mexicans Pay For the Wall’


Newsmax anchor Jenn Pellegrino apologized live on-air Monday night after a pro-Trump guest went on an expletive-laced tirade regarding the likely indictment of former President Donald Trump in New York City.

Pellegrino welcomed back to Newsmax Michael Guglielmo, who she reminded viewers had been on the network in the past to discuss his antics at a New Hampshire school board meeting.

“Michael, I’m going to start with you because some of our audience may remember we had you on the show recently. You were at a school board meeting. You’re a concerned parent, somebody that this administration might call a domestic terrorist,” Pellegrino began.

Guglielmo made headlines earlier in the month for protesting at a school board meeting while dressed up as Julius Caesar.

“And that’s where we are these days in America. I’m curious to get your reaction, though, because you were very enthusiastic when you came on our program. You love Donald Trump. You love what he did for this country. When you first heard about this possible arrest tomorrow, what did you think? How did it make you feel? What do you think is going to happen?” asked Pellegrino with a lengthy windup.

“Well, I’m outraged. It’s a complete weaponization of the United States against a man who stands for the people. I mean, Donald Trump walks the walk and talks to talk. Unlike most of your politicians, who are just a bunch of liars. Is the only president since Reagan that honored every single wish, he said, except for making the fucking Mexicans pay for the wall,” Guglielmo replied referring to Trump’s notorious 2016 campaign pledge.

“Okay. Apologize for that,” Pellegrino said after a long pause and then turned to her other guest.

Watch the clip above via Newsmax.

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