Newsmax’s Greg Kelly, Son of Ex-NYPD Commissioner, Rips Meet the Press for For Ignoring Looting in Protest Coverage


Newsmax host Greg Kelly — the son of former New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly — blasted NBC’s Meet the Press this week for host Chuck Todd’s failure to mention “looters” or “rioting” in his coverage of protests, arguing it showed “contempt.”

“It used to mean a televised press conference. ‘Meet the Press.’ Serious people, in-depth, multiple journalists questioning guests, different perspectives,” Kelly said, describing the title of the NBC News show as “fake news.”

“Now it’s just landlord to the Democrat stars — Chuck Todd running the show,” he added.

Kelly said the show covered incidents of police misconduct amid uprisings that took place after George Floyd’s May 25 death in the custody of Minneapolis police, but dedicated just four seconds to a description of violence against police.

“They chronicled every episode they could of alleged police misconduct. They crammed it all in there. They asked all their guests about it. What this cop did wrong, that cop did wrong,” Kelly said. “They actually did make an allowance for misbehavior by the protesters — by the rioters — toward the cops. In a one-hour show, that lasted for four seconds.”

Acknowledging Todd spent four seconds describing protesters attacking police “with rocks and bottles,” he added, “That’s it. Rocks and bottles. Do you think that’s fair, that’s adequate, even remotely? Well, there were rocks and bottles, but what about the crowbars that I saw used on cops? What about the cars that were used to run over police officers?”

Kelly, whose father was the longest-serving commissioner of the New York Police — from 2002 to 2013 — began hosting Newsmax’s Greg Kelly Reports in January, after a television career that included hosting gigs at Fox 5 in New York and Fox News’ Fox and Friends.

“What Meet the Press showed … was a stunning lack of respect for law enforcement,” he added. “Nothing about the looting? That’s disrespect — that’s contempt for businesses. Big, small, for the owners, for the employees, for their customers, and for our way of life.”

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