NY Times Editorial Board Dragged By Liberals for Telling Biden ‘Ease Up on the Executive Actions, Joe’


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The New York Times sparked instant backlash with an editorial board piece criticizing President Joe Biden’s executive orders, the latest in a series of moves by the Gray Lady that have been poorly received by liberal critics of the paper.

After fierce blowback from its coverage of President Biden’s “fancy” Peloton exercise bike, and of his “elitist” Rolex, and for its firing of editor Lauren Wolfe, The New York Times told itself to hold its own beer on Wednesday.

In an impressive trifecta, the paper released an op-ed entitled “Ease Up on the Executive Actions, Joe,” published its umpteen-zillionth article about aggrieved Trump supporters, and one of their reporters tweeted a quote that criticized Biden for his daily public appearances using a teleprompter.

All were poorly-received by a social media audience already weary of the paper’s one-week-old Biden-era coverage.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes did chime in to defend the Trump supporter article, writing “I get why people are annoyed by this beat, but IMHO it’s documenting what continues to be a central fact about American politics!”


The first week of the Biden administration has been rough for some in the political media looking to replace the content hole left by the end of the previous one. And there are many more weeks to come.

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