comScore Nancy Pelosi on Iran: 'We Must Do All We Can Not to Escalate'

Pelosi Dismisses Trump’s Suggestion Iran Strike Was Accidental, But Urges Caution: We Must ‘Not Escalate’

After a briefing in the White House Situation Room, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was unequivocal. Though the possibility was floated earlier Thursday by President Donald Trump that Iran shooting down a U.S. drone over international waters was a “loose and stupid” mistake, the Speaker believes the strike was no accident.

“Are you personally convinced, based on the intelligence you’ve seen, that this was an Iranian attack on an American asset operating legally in international airspace?” A reporter asked Pelosi on Capitol Hill.

“Yes,” the Speaker said.

Though she is convinced Iran took hostile action, Pelosi adopted a cautious posture.

“However we go forward from here has to be strategic, and smart, and in close alliance with our allies,” Pelosi said. “We have common interests in the region. We know that the high tension wires are up there. And we must do everything we can not to escalate the situation, but also to make sure that our personnel in the region are safe.”

Pelosi added, “We must act in a way that does deescalate, and does not escalate, the tensions and the situation there.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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