Pelosi Goes OFF on Trump and GOP Over New Covid Numbers: ‘They Should Be Carrying Those Deaths on Their Conscience’


Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi went off on President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans over the frightening new COVID-19 statistics, and said her GOP colleagues should be carrying the hundreds of thousands of coronavirus deaths “on their conscience.”

Speaker Pelosi began her joint press conference with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer Thursday morning with a somber recitation of the grim coronavirus situation, and a blistering denunciation of Trump and her Republican colleagues.

“Words have power. When the president speaks, his words weigh a ton, and we’ve heard some things lately that are very disconcerting,” Pelosi said, then noted the “horrifying 144,000 new infections recorded” Wednesday, the “more than 65,000 Americans are hospitalized with Covid, a new record that threatens to overwhelm our hospitals,” the “devastating milestone of 10 million Americans infected has been passed,” and that “more than 240,000 Americans have died.”

She went on to say, “The president and the Republicans in Congress have ignored by delay — distortion — denial, deaths have been caused, and what are they doing now? Continuing to ignore in spite of these numbers.”

Pelosi said that “what science tells us to do, they have ignored,” and that “they’re engaged in an absurd circus right now refusing to accept reality. The Republicans are shamefully pretending, or proceeding without recognizing what our responsibility is and making it even harder to address the massive health and economic crisis that we are facing.”

Later in the press conference, when asked if her bargaining position is weaker in a lame duck Congress, Pelosi returned to the earlier theme.

“The most compelling argument, what I said earlier, 144,000 people yesterday,” Pelosi said. “And these people are spread all over the country. The pressure on hospitals all over the country, including in rural areas.”

“So if the Republicans want to be cold-hearted and say they don’t care, or as the president’s son said, 225,000 I think at that time, ‘That’s no big number’ kind of thing,” Pelosi said, likely referring to Donald Trump Jr.’s recent remark that coronavirus deaths amount to “almost nothing.”

“No, every single one of those deaths is important to us. We carry those people in our hearts,” Pelosi said. “And they should be carrying them on their conscience for what they did not do. Since we passed the bill, the Heroes Act, over 100,000 more people have died. That could have been prevented.”

Watch the clip above via C-Span.

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