Philadelphia City Chairwoman Deflects Reporter’s Question About Her ‘Concern’ With GOP Observers: ‘They’re Having Observers In — During — You Can See Them’


Philadelphia City Chairwoman Lisa Deeley declined to answer a reporter’s question on Friday about why the city took issue with Republican observers watching the counting of votes.

“What is your concern with the Republican observers going in there?” a reporter could be heard asking during an afternoon press conference. “What are you worried about if they go in there and watch more closely?”

Deeley replied: “There have been observers in … during the counting. You can see them in the live stream.”

An appeals court on Thursday ordered that 15 Republican observers be allowed to enter the Philadelphia Convention Center, where election officials are counting election ballots, and to observe the process from six feet away. The Philadelphia City Commission had previously attempted to keep observers at a distance of 30 feet, while city Democrats have repeatedly made the case that an online web stream of the proceedings should be enough to assuage any concerns about the counting process.

The conflict persisted into Friday, after observers — represented former by former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, an attorney for the Trump campaign — claiming that election officials had moved vote scanners farther away after observers had been allowed to move closer. Philadelphia City Commission spokesman Kevin Feeley refused to address the claim, saying that they were trying “to do our best.”

Watch above via Fox Business News.

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