Politico’s Ben White Gets Dragged For Saying We All Secretly Miss Trump Twitter: ‘You Want Him Tweeting Those Tweets’


Politico financial journalist Ben White took heavy criticism for a Colonel Nathan Jessup-themed tweet in which he said that everyone secretly missed suspended former President and current Twitter user Donald Trump’s social media posts.

On Friday evening, White posted a message patterned after Jack Nicholson’s oft-quoted monologue from A Few Good Men.

“Deep down in places you don’t talk about at cocktail parties you want him tweeting those tweets. You miss him tweeting those tweets,” White wrote, and added “… And the sweet rush of outrage that followed. If you say you don’t you are lying.”

Things started off mildly enough with CNN editor Dan Berman joking “What’s a cocktail party?” and other colleagues registering mildly-expressed agreement/disagreemment or riffing on the premise.

That didn’t last long, as White began to take incoming from media, political, celebrity, and other personalities, with White dipping in to engage now and then.

Trump was suspended from Twitter for inciting a violent insurrection that resulted in 5 deaths, and for fear he would incite more violence. Read the room.

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