comScore Pundits Jump for Joy Over Early Texas Poll Showing Biden Over Trump

Pundit Class, Having Learned Nothing From 2016, Breathlessly Shares Poll Showing Trump Losing Texas to Biden

The latest from Quinnipiac on the 2020 presidential race shows a mildly surprising, modest lead for former VP Joe Biden over President Donald Trump, in this, T-minus 16 months and change from the big day.

Although relying on early polling data for the 2016 election left a lot of pundits trying to explain to their audience why they didn’t know Trump would win, some were still dropping squees like teenagers at a puppy show on Valentine’s Day.

Perhaps the most delightful delighted-ness was that of Washington Post anti-Trump columnist, formerly their conservative columnist, Jennifer Rubin.

She didn’t quite bet the family farm on the eventual outcome but STILL.

She wasn’t alone, though, there were ALL CAPS to spare.

The great thing about the pundit and media classes is their ability to hide their enthusiasm for their preferred political outcomes behind a solid and implacable wall of journalistic analysis and gravitas.

IN TEXAS!!!!!!

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