Rashida Tlaib Guts Ex-Trump ICE Chief at Immigration Hearing, and AOC Shuts Down His Response


Former Trump ICE Chief Thomas Homan took a beating at the hands of Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) at an immigration hearing, then had his indignant response gaveled down with extreme prejudice by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).

On Wednesday, the House Oversight and Reform Subcommittee on Civil Rights and Civil Liberties held a hearing on the Trump administration’s apparent revocation of a policy protecting migrants from deportation on medical grounds.

During that hearing, Tlaib lit into Homan over his tenure at the agency.

“Mr. Homan, as a fellow American I just want you to know your contribution as acting director of ICE under this administration will always be remembered as one that was very ruthless and inhumane treatment of asylum seekers, as the author of the separation policy, and now of this sick — you know, preventing people — sick children before this committee seeking life-saving medical treatment,” Tlaib said.

She went on to add that “I am deeply troubled by your opening statement and continued assault on innocent lives, and I ask that this administration please stop playing politics with the lives of the children before this committee but also with the lives of many Americans that are directly impacted by the continued broken immigration system in our country.”

An indignant Homan asked for time to respond, but acting chair Ocasio-Cortez denied the request.

“He was invoked,” ranking member Chip Roy said. “I would suggest he should be able to at least be able to respond.”

“How do I not respond to that? Is this about transparency or not?” Homan demanded.

“The chair now recognizes Mr. Roy for five minutes and you can feel free to use your time,” AOC said.

Several minutes later, Homan got his chance to respond, and said “Yeah, I want to address the last comments made about me being appalling.”

Tlaib had actually called his tenure “ruthless and inhumane,” but tomato, tomahto.

“First of all I served my country for 34 years, I saved many lives and I ran an agency — let’s be frank about what ICE does,” Homan continued, and ticked off a lost of activities that included — his words — that ICE has “arrested hundreds of women that were victims of sex trafficking.”

He also claimed that 90% of everybody ICE arrests for immigration violations either have a criminal history or a pending criminal charges when they were found, meaning they were found in a county jail, which most likely means they weren’t a choirboy.”

The figure that Homan cites includes arrests and convictions for immigration offenses.

“I find it appalling that a member of Congress would throw that out there like that,” Homan said, as AOC gaveled him to be silent. “In my 34 years I have never seen such hate toward law enforcement agency in my life that you want to abolish them…”

“Mr. Homan the time has expired,” AOC said, as Homan plowed on.

“If you don’t like it, legislate it,” Homan said.

“Mr. Homan according to the rules of this committee,  Mr. Homan your time is expired,” AOC said, forcefully gaveling him quiet. “The chair now recognizes Ms. Hill.”

Watch the clip above, via C-Span 3.

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