Real or Fake: Did LA Mayor Tout Covid Pandemic Economic ‘Assistance’ in the Form of… Discounts on Parking Tickets?


Is it too stupid to be true? Did Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti really tout, as pandemic “assistance,” a discount on parking tickets that are paid within 48 hours of their issuance?

It’s a mystery worthy of Snopes, the website that debunks or verifies urban legends and wild rumors circulating on the internet, but much easier to track down. On Friday night, Garcetti’s official Twitter account did, indeed, frame a $20 discount on parking tickets as pandemic “assistance,” writing “We’re delivering assistance to Angelenos facing economic hardship during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

But there’s a catch. “Starting Monday, with our new Early Pay LA program, @LADOTOfficial will offer a $20 discount on parking citations paid within 48 hours,” they added, meaning Angelenos will have to wait a few more days for this much-needed relief.

“My administration will continue to do everything possible to support Angelenos through the unprecedented challenges we face,” Garcetti said Friday. “COVID-19 has dealt a devastating blow to Angelenos’ financial security, and these funds will provide essential relief to our residents during this moment of economic upheaval.”

The announcement got a chilly reception.

As of this writing, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is already holding Garcetti’s beer.

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